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  • Salamon: Social Censure and Psychogenic Pain

    April 30, 2008



    TIME:  4:00 - 6:00 PM

    LOCATION:  3201 Hart Hall


    Lecture: "Social Censure and Psychogenic Pain"


    Gayle Salamon is currently the LGBT Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University, and will be starting as an Assistant Professor of English at Princeton in Fall 2008. Her scholarship focuses on embodiment, phenomenology, and transgender theory, bringing queer and feminist theory to bear on philosophical and psychoanalytic theories of corporeality. Her publications include "The Sexual

    Schema: Transposition and Transgenderism in The Phenomenology of Perception"

    (In Terms of Gender, Eds. Judith Butler, Mary-Lou Roberts and Elizabeth Weed, Forthcoming, Indiana UP); "Melancholia, Ambiguity and the Cost of Gender:

    Response to Meg Jay's 'Melancholy Femininity'" (Studies in Gender and Sexuality 8:2, Spring 2007: 149-164); " 'The Place Where Life Hides Away':


    Franz Fanon and the Location of Bodily Being" (differences 17.2, Fall 2006.

    96-112); and " 'Boys of the Lex': Transgenderism and Rhetorics of Materiality"

    (GLQ, 12:4, September 2006: 49-67).

    These events are sponsored by the Psychoanalysis and Culture Research Cluster, the Queer Research Cluster, the Cultural Studies Graduate Group, the Department of English, and the Consortium for Women and Research.

    For questions or more information, including a PDF copy of Professor Salamon's article, email Cathy Hannabach at channabach@ucdavis.edu or Ben D'Harlingue at bdharlingue@ucdavis.edu.