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  • Eve Isham

    Eve Isham

    Assistant Adjunct Professor

        University of California, Davis
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    Office: 155 Center for Mind and Brain


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    Research Interests

    Dr. Isham is a cognitive psychologist who is interested in the mechanisms of subjective perception.  Her program of research investigates time perception and temporal awareness and focuses on two research modules: 1) subjective experience of event timing (e.g., the awareness for the earliest moment of intent) and 2) event duration (e.g., time passage estimation).  The basis of these curricula is rooted in philosophy, cognitive psychology and neuroscience; thus, it is of relevance to at least three research domains: a) Time perception. Time and timing play a critical role in our daily lives yet how time is cognitively processed is unclear; b) Temporal awareness as an index of consciousness. Subjective temporal reports have been used as the dependent measure for causality and intentionality; and c) Clinical applications. Distortion in time perception has been observed in various clinical settings.  For instance, those diagnosed with depression experience time dilation, and those living with Parkinson’s disease (known as a movement disorder) may experience motor deficits partly due to a disturbed system of action timing.