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  • Gary Mitchell

    Gary Mitchell

    Professor Emeritus

        University of California, Davis
    Phone: *
    Office: Prof Gary Mitchell, PO Box 2101 , Davis, CA 95617 *


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    Research Interests

    Dr. Mitchell’s research interests are in the fields of behavioral primatology and human ethology. His work focuses on behavioral development of various species of primates from birth through adulthood and on nonverbal public human behavior in zoos and malls. He has done research on golden bellied mangabeys and on several species of macaques, primarily rhesus. He has been interested in the effects of environment on behavior in laboratories and in zoos. Paternal behaviors of monkey and human adult males and behavioral sex differences have been lifetime interests. Dr. Mitchell has been a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, an Associate Editor of the American Journal of Primatology, and a reviewer of articles and books for many other animal behavior and primatology journals. He has also served on the National Social Sciences Research Council.