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  • UC Davis Psychology Developmental Program

    Developmental Brown Bag Series

    Co-sponsored by Developmental Psychology, Human Development Graduate Group, and Human Development & Family Studies

    Location:  Young 166 (unless otherwise noted)
    Thursdays 12:10pm to 1:00pm
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    ACADEMIC YEAR:      2014 - 2015 Print Page
    Fall 2014
    Welcome Pizza Party 
    Early Neighborhood Poverty and Children’s School-Age Conduct Problems: Latent Class Growth Analysis of Neighborhood Deprivation 
    SPEAKER: Dr. Daniel Choe (UC-Davis)
    Neighborhood poverty is associated with children’s increased risk of conduct problems (CPs), but it is unclear whether neighborhood poverty contributes to child CPs when considering other contextual stressors. Latent class growth analysis with U.S. Census data approximated trajectory classes of neighborhood deprivation from ages 2 to 5 among 716 ethnically diverse, low-income children in a randomized control trial administered in rural, suburban, and urban communities. Compared to children exposed to low to moderately-low deprivation, children who experienced severe neighborhood deprivation received higher teacher ratings of CPs at age 9.5. Neighborhood differences in children’s school-age CPs were maintained when accounting for individual, neighborhood, and family characteristics, including household income and maternal education. Implications for the prevention of child maladjustment are discussed.
    SPEAKER: Eileen Thomas
    Neural Representation of Friendships and Family in the Adolescent Brain 
    SPEAKER: Dr. Adriana Galvan (UCLA)
    Social relationships take on special importance in adolescence. This coincides with significant neurodevelopmental shifts in affect and reward networks. In this talk, I will present some neuroimaging studies examining how the adolescent brain represents behavior of themselves and others within social interactions.
    The UC Davis CTSC and why you should know about it. The MINT project: The development of self-control in ADHD and typically developing adolescents and young adults 
    SPEAKER: Julie Schweitzer, Ph.D., Sandy Taylor, Ph.D., Linda Ziegahn, Ph.D., and Kathleen Angkustsiri, M.D., M.A.S (UC-Davis MIND Institute)
    This talk will be in two parts: (1) An overview of the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center and why it may be relevant to you; & (2) An overview of the Mapping Impulsivity’s Neurodevelopmental Trajectory (MINT) study on the development of self-control in ADHD and typically developing adolescents and young adults.
    194 Young Hall
    Child Personality: Measurement and Utility 
    SPEAKER: Dr. Jennifer Tackett (University of Houston)
    Our research lab concentrates on two interrelated lines of work: 1) conceptualization and measurement of personality in childhood and 2) application and utility of child personality for developmental psychopathology. In this presentation, I will highlight studies reflecting both of these research lines. First, I will describe our recent efforts at developing a novel method for assessment of child personality by using “thin slice” ratings across multiple laboratory situational tasks. These findings suggest that thin slice perceptions offer a valid, reliable, and resource-efficient approach to measuring personality in early life. Second, I will describe a recent line of work examining personality as a context for elucidating hormone-behavior associations in youth. Hormones (testosterone, cortisol) have been proposed as biological markers of externalizing psychopathology and normal-range social dominance. However, these effects have often failed to replicate. I will present evidence that individual differences in youth personality moderate hormone-behavior associations and, thus, elucidate hormonal underpinnings of externalizing psychopathology in more generalizable mixed gender, community samples of adolescents.
    Young 194
    SPEAKER: Reserved for Job Talk
    Young 194
    SPEAKER: Reserved for Job Talk
    Young 194
    SPEAKER: Reserved for Job Talk
    SPEAKER: Cancelled due to severe weather
    Winter 2015
    Young 166
    SPEAKER: Reserved for Job Talks
    SPEAKER: Zhi Li & TBA
    SPEAKER: Reserved for Job Talk
    SPEAKER: Dr. Yana Fandakova (UC-Davis)
    SPEAKER: Kathleen Angkustsiri, M.D., M.A.S (UC-Davis MIND Institute)
    SPEAKER: Dr. Susan Gelman (University of Michigan) - Time and Location TBA
    SPEAKER: David Weissman/TBA
    SPEAKER: Julia Singleton & Jamie McCauley
    SPEAKER: Hannah Kramer & Georges Han
    Statistical learning across languages: Is there a bilingual benefit? 
    SPEAKER: Dylan Antovich & Emily Hembacher
    Spring 2015
    SPEAKER: Dr. Koraly Perez-Edgar (Penn State University)
    SPEAKER: Dr. Tamar Kushnir
    SPEAKER: Deborah Goldfarb/Jessica Burris
    Winter 2015
    SPEAKER: Dr. Ronald Dahl (UC-Berkeley)
    SPEAKER: Katie Kennedy & Ryan Barry
    Spring 2015
    SPEAKER: Abby Lavine & Karen Hjortsvang
    SPEAKER: Jonni Johnson & Sue Hobbs
    SPEAKER: Rachel Turner/TBA
    SPEAKER: Evelyn Mercado & Luigi Parra