Examples of hypotheses (testable statements) Non-testable statements (could be modified, so as to be testable)
Dogs are more social than are cats. All first-degree murderers should be executed.
Some people experience text messages as a "voice" inside their head. Sirena does not need to attend class because the lectures are all online.
Capital punishment is a deterrent to crime. You shouldn't cram for exams.
Students who attend class do better than students who do not attend class. Boys in junior high should be required to take home economics.
Drinkers are more likely to abuse their spouses than is the case for non-drinkers. As I have gotten older, I find that I can't do more than one thing at a time.
Preadolescents with a history of secure attachment are more socially competent than those with insecure attachment histories. I don't eat chocolate because it makes my face break out.
Animals can detect impending earthquakes ahead of time.  
In general, women will show a greater tendency to exhibit communication patterns of social interdependence (such as references to others, self-reference, supporting references, and emotional discourse) than will men.  
Hypericum (St. John's Wort) reduces depression.  
Traditional men disclose less to a girfriend than do nontraditional men.  
Eating chocolate results in pimples.  
Spaced study is better than cramming for exams.  
Tolerance of others increases with education level.  
Crime levels are higher during a full moon.  
The ability to multi-task declines with age.  
Teenage boys who have taken a course in home economics will exhibit significantly less sex-role-stereotyping behavior than those who have not.  
Schizophrenic patients with three or more hospital admissions in a year have more stressful family environments than a comparison group of diagnostically similar patients who were admitted to the hospital less frequently.  

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