Bigstore's Tracking Directions

Bigstore's is a men's, women's, and children's mid to up scale clothing store chain. They have 75 stores, mostly in the South. They are single floor stores with over 60,000 square feet. Their headquarters is in ..., which is fairly close. Don't be surprised to see a few of the headquarters people milling around the job site. We will try to keep their stays to a minimum. Be nice to everybody, you never know....

They have some very basic questions. Such as:

To cover such a large area, we will have 4 trackers and 2 interviewers. Paul will be in charge of all ten cameras and coffee runs for Anne Marie.

Tracking Sheet

  1. Store IN: time they enter store in military time. i.e. 14:23:11
  2. Store OUT: time they enter a Cash Wrap line or if they are not buying anything, time they leavestore.
    Please circle what type of Cash Wrap they use.
  3. Date: circle date
  4. Tracker: put your initials
  5. Shopper: circle correct age and sex
  6. Group: write in correct demographic code/s
  7. Description: what color is the main shopper wearing on top and on bottom.
  8. lnt.# Time: write in interview number and approximately what time they began interview
  9. Fit Rm: Sec: Write in time they go into fit room and the time they come out. Also write Section code the fitting room is in.
  10. Notes: anything particular to this track that data may explain unusually high or low numbers
  11. Confusion: circle yes if the customer seems confused. Write in Section code of where he/she was confused.
  12. Clerk IN: Clerk OUT: Time clerk starts interacting with customer. Time clerk stops interacting with customer.
  13. clerk initiated or customer initiated Circle whether customer initiated contact or if clerk initiated contact. Note: there are three clerk in clerk out boxes to handle customers who have more than one interaction.
  14. Sect. What section was the customer in when contact was made. Write in Section Code.
  15. Section TIME: IN: OUT: Time they enter the section until time they leave section.
  16. Section: write in Section code.
  17. #prod shop: give number of products shopped in this section- use a simple tally (chicken scratches in bunches of five). By shopped we mean anything they seriously look at (for several seconds) or touch, pickup, take, etc. or SCAN
  18. #Rd Label: give number of products that they read label: (again use chicken scratch tally).
  19. #Rd $: give number of products that they read price (again use chicken scratch tally).
  20. #Feel: give number of products that they feel (again use chicken scratch tally).
  21. #buy: give number of products they wind up buying
  22. # of signs viewed: give number of merchandising signs viewed in this section.
  23. total time viewed: write down in seconds each exposure. i.e. :05 sec :07 sec :02 sec. We will add up all the times once we are back in the office. We are not trying to match individual signs with individual times.
  24. Please use map to chart out the exact course taken by the customer. Pay special attention to the direction of their first turn and the CW they wind up going to. Again, drop your drawing at the CW if the person buys something. Drop your track at exit door if the person does not make a purchase. We will have cameras on all the CW's to pick up CW behavior. Right Paul?

General Words of Advice

Because we are staying with the customer the entire time, we will not be able to get as close to the customer as we usually do without attracting attention to ourselves. So, feel free to drop back and watch from a medium distance. Exam procedures are not as detailed as on most jobs.

Don't be impatient with very long tracks. This is why there are 7 of us instead of 3. We plan to have some 30, 40, 50 minute tracks.