Instructor comments:

Premarital Sex Questionnaire
	The purpose of this questionnaire is to learn about the attitudes of premarital sex.
The survey is being conduected bya Psychology 41 Discussion class at the University of 
California, Davis.  We would very much appreciate your assistance in answering the
questions below.  Please do not write your name on this form n order that the replies 
remain anonymous.  Thank you for your time.

Circle one:

Sex:			Male			Female
Age:			<20			>20

Circle yes or no:

1.	I am currently sexually active.				Yes		No

2.	I have practiced premarital sex.			Yes		No

3.	I am currently in a monogamous relationship.		Yes		No

4.	"Love" in a relationship should be established before practicing premarital sex.
								Yes		No

Circle which best identifies with opinion:
S.A.= Strongly Agree  A.=Agree  U.=Undecided  D.=Disagree  S.D.=Strongly Disagree

5.	Premarital sex is detrimental to future intimate relationships.  S.A.  A.  U.  D.  S.D.

6.	Premarital sex is not morally wrong.				 S.A.  A.  U.  D.  S.D.

7.	My parents' upbringing influenced my opinion about premarital sex.
									 S.A.  A.  U.  D.  S.D.

Thank you again for your time!

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