Against All Odds: Inside Statistics
"With an emphasis on "doing" statistics rather than on passive learning, this series goes on location to help uncover statistical solutions to the puzzles of everyday life. You learn how data collection and manipulation--paired with intelligent judgment and common sense--lead to greater understanding of the world." (description from the website)
Contains 26 half-hour programs on 7 cassettes, $199.00

See Mansfield page for a detailed description of method segments and time.

Phil Zimbardo's media: Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment Length: 50 minutes, $100 + shipping and handling.

Obedience - Stanley Milgram's 1969 classic. Distributor: Penn State PCR (PSUPCR). Length: 45 minutes, rental $35.

The Deadly Deception - 1993 account of the Tuskeegee syphilus study. Distributor: Films for Humanities and Sciences (FFHS). Length: 60 minutes, rental $16.50.

Frontline: A Class Divided - the 1970's experiment about discrimination based on blue eyes and brown eyes. Distributor: PBS. Length: 60 minutes, $200.