Into the Desert, March 2013

The first day we barreled down I-5 to spend the evening with Barbara’s brother Dennis and his spouse, Diane, in Corona del Mar. On the way we stopped at the Murray Family Farms fruit stand north of the grapevine.

They sell an amazing variety of citrus and, best of all, it is labeled by species name. Bob was able to add 5 new species to the 54 citrus he had previously sketched. He left a few varieties on the shelf to paint on our next drive south.

yosemite gold tangerine

Sanguinelli blood orange Gold Nugget mandarin
Fortune Mandarin Autumn Gold navel
Dennis has lovingly restored their grandparents' Model A Ford (it took years). This was the same model coupe as Bobís first car, complete with rumble seat. Dennis and Diane took us for a ride through the area. Cyclists we met along the way stopped to admire this elegant 1930 coupe.

model A Ford

Brittle Bush

We picked up our friends from Brazil, Hart and Isolda, in Orange County. After a couple of days in Laguna Beach, we drove to Anza-Borrego State Park.

There had been almost no rain during the past two months and wildflowers were sparse. Bob sketched only a single Brittle Bush (mainly for its silvery-blue foliage). There was water flowing in Palm Canyon, outside of Borrego Springs.

Sketching began in earnest at Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley where Bob sat across from the general store (in the shade, as it was 95 degrees in the sun). Barbara got a ride up to Mosaic Canyon and walked the downhill back, while Bob painted the scene.
general store stovepipe wells, ca gas station stovepipe wells, ca
trailer camping

Badwater Saloon,

Stovepipe Wells, CA

bar drawing
condiments Table condiments
The next day we hiked Golden Canyon to see the variegated canyon walls and red cathedral rocks.

golden canyon

red cathedral

Furnace Creek Ranch, where we stayed in Death Valley, had many attractions, including a warm spring swimming pool -- and down-home condiments.

catsup and mustard

furnace creek

On our way home we spent the night in Bishop and visited the tufa formations at Mono Lake.


gold canyon photo

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