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Adapted from a Senior Honors thesis by Jennifer S. Clifford, Psychology Department, University of Scranton, May 1997.

Key: In Print (Y/N) Autobiography (Y/N) On a single patient (Y/N) Treated (Y/N) Hospitalized (Y/N)
Substance Abuse
Knapp, C. (1996). Drinking: A love story. New York: Dial. Y Y Y Y N A professional women's account of her own experience with alcohol. She eventually stopped functioning well, gave up drinking, joined A.A. and discovered a new world. She believes alcoholism has powerful physiological roots.
Dukasis, K. (with J. Srovell). (1990). Now you know. New York: Simon & Schuster. Y Y Y ? ? Chronicles her battle with manic depression, addiction to alcohol and pills.
Hamill, P. (1994). A drinking life: A memoir. Boston: Little, Brown & Company. Y Y Y ? ? Memoir of his drinking days as a Brooklyn youth and young reporter.
Robertson, N. (1988). Getting better: Inside Alcoholics Anonymous. New York: William Morrow. Y Y Y Y Y The author chronicles A.A.'s growth, reports on meetings, and tells of her own battle with alcohol.
Somers, S. (1988). Keeping secrets. New York: Warner. Y Y Y ? ? Her troubles as a child of an alcoholic father.
Beattie, M. (1987). Codependent no more. Center City, MN: Hazelden Foundation. Y Y Y Y Y Committed to chemical dependency ward in a state hospital where she took part in various recovery programs.
Reilly, P. (1984). A private practice. New York: McMillan. Y Y Y ? ? Describes his intense physical and psychological struggle to master his addiction to tranquilizers and sleeping pills.
Childhood Sexual Abuse
Hoffman, R. (1995). Half the house: A memoir. New York: Harcourt Brace. Y Y Y ? ? Author recounts the horror of a childhood of fear, sexual abuse, and the illness and death of siblings.
Rogers, A. (1995). A shining affliction: A story of harm and healing in psychotherapy. New York: Viking. Y Y Y Y Y While working with an emotionally abused child, the author recognized that she had been abused by her parents.
Ryan, M. (1995). Secret life: An autobiography. New York: Pantheon. Y Y Y ? ? Celebrated poet reveals childhood sexual abuse by a neighbor and his father's alcoholism.
Quivers, R. (1995). Quivers. New York: ReganBooks. Y Y Y ? ? Author was sexually abused by her father and suffered a nervous breakdown.
Noel, B. (with K. Watterson) (1992). You must be dreaming. New York: Poseidon. Y Y Y Y ? Recounts 18 years of treatment by psychiatrist Jules Masserman of singer Noel. He administered sodium amytal, which rendered her unconsciousness and she became addicted. She awoke to find him raping her during the last session.
Mood Disorders
Millett, K. (1990). The loony-bin trip. New York: Simon & Schuster. Y Y Y Y Y Author took lithium after experiencing bouts of elation and dejection. Book especially focuses on author's sense of how she is managing and her own perceptions of what those around her are thinking and doing.
Jamison, K. R. (1995). An unquiet mind. New York: Random House. Y Y Y Y N Psychologist who suffered manic depression for over 30 years and is on lithium recalls her intense depression. suicide attempts and life on Lithium.
Kaysen, S. (1993). Girl interrupted. New York: Random House. Y Y Y Y Y Author diagnosed with borderline personality disorder describes her suicide attempt and personal account of life in a mental hospital.
Manning, M. (1994). Undercurrents: A therapist's reckoning with her own depression. New York: HarperCollins. Y Y Y Y Y Clinical psychologist at age 37 had unresolved troubles, compounded by a chemical imbalance which lead her to psychotherapy and ECT.
Mairs, N. (1986). Plaintext: Essays. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press. Y Y Y Y Y Afflicted with multiple sclerosis, the author battles clinical depression and attempted suicide.
Mowrer, O. H. (1983). Leaves from many seasons: Selected papers. New York: Praeger. Y Y Y Y Y
Duke, P. (with G. Hochman). (1992). A brilliant madness: Living with manic depressive illness. New York: Bantam. Y Y Y Y Y Movie actress recounts what it's like to live with bipolar mood disorder and how it can be brought under control. Her story alternates with chapters on latest findings on causes, symptoms, and treatment of mood disorders.
Duke, P. (with K. Turan). (1987). Call me Anna: The autobiography of Patty Duke. New York: Bantam. Y Y Y Y Y . Movie actress shares her long kept secret of suffering from mental manic depression and she received lithium.
Wurtzel, E. (1994). Prozac nation: Young and depressed in America. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Y Y Y Y Y Twentysomething author writes about her battle with depression and also contemplates the drug (Prozac) that saved her. She was treated with lithium.
Thompson, T. (1995). The beast: A reckoning with depression. New York: Putnam. Y Y Y Y Y Women reporter who battled depression, attempted suicide, hospitalized 5 times in a 10 year period, and made a Prozac recovery.
Styron, W. (1990). Darkness visible: A memoir of madness. New York: Random House. Y Y Y Y Y Author was struck by insomnia and depression, given Halcion and attempted suicide.
Balter, M., & Katz, R. (1991). Nobody's child. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. Y Y Y Y Y Balter, now a mental-health professional, describes the nearly 20 years she spent in a mental hospital. She went into a mental hospital at age 17, diagnosed as schizophrenic, but claims that she was really depressed.
Mundfrom, G. F. (1990). My experiences with clinical depression. Osceola, WI: Mercy & Truth. Y Y Y Y Y A Lutheran reverend with severe depression spent months in mental hospital. He describes his experience and tells how God led and guided him in the midst of it.
Cantor, C. (with B. Fallon). (1996). Phantom illness: Shattering the myths of hypochondria. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. Y Y Y ? Y Hypochondriac who spends one night in a psychiatric ward.
Williams, D. (1992). Nobody nowhere: The extraordinary autobiography of an autistic. New York: Times Book. Y Y Y Y ? Autism described from perspective of young Australian women; explains in detail the movements, behavior patterns and other reaction of autistic people.
McKean, T. A. (Edited by R. W. Gilpen). (1994). Soon will come the light: A view from inside the autism puzzle. Arlington, TX: Future Education. Y Y Y Y Y Author takes you through his early childhood, pain of misdiagnosis, and institutionalization of 3 1/2 years.
Balter, M.,& Katz, R. (1991). Nobody's child. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. Y Y Y Y Y Balter, now a mental-health professional, describes the nearly 20 years she spent in a mental hospital. She went into a mental hospital at age 17, diagnosed as schizophrenic, but claims that she was really depressed.
Burke, R. (Edited by R. Gates & R. Hammond). (1995). When the music's over: My journey into schizophrenia. New York: Basic 1995 Y Y Y Y Y Memoir of the inner life of a person with multiple disorders including: alcoholism, paranoid schizophrenia, and manic depression. Written while he was in mental hospitals, jails and functioning in the community. Author eventually committed suicide.
Weisskopf-Joelson, E. (Ed.). (1988). Father, have I kept my promise? Madness as seen from within. West Lafayette, Indiana: Purdue University Press. Y Y Y Y Y Diary-like chronicle of a paranoid schizophrenic women who had religious delusions and was admitted to Pineville Mental Hospital.
North, C. L. (1987). Welcome, silence: My triumph over schizophrenia. New York: Simon and Schuster. Y Y Y Y Y Psychiatrist who was chronically psychotic for almost eight years. She heard voices, underwent hospitalization, drug and megavitamin therapies, and finally dialysis which she credits with her recovery.
Porter, R. (Ed.). (1988). A social history of madmen the world through the eyes of the insane. New York: Weidenfeld & Nicolson. N Y N Y ? Men and women who are labelled mad or schizophrenic reveal startling insight into their own condition while condemning the callousness of a society that shuns them.
Multiple Personality/ Dissociative Identity Disorder
Castle, K.,& Bechtel, S. (1989). Katherine, it's time: An incredible journey into the world of a multiple personality. New York: Harper & Row. Y Y Y Y Y
Chase, T. (1987).(Intro and epilogue by R. A. Phillips). When rabbit howls: The troops for Truddi Chase. New York: Dutton. Y ? Y Y Y "The Troops" are the multiple personalities approximately 80 men and women of Truddi Chase. The cluster of personalities, speaking through a troop member dubbed "the recorder", talk about their suffering for the primary victim who was raped at the age of 2 by her stepfather who continued to sexually abuse her for 14 yrs.
Phillips, J. (1995). The magic daughter: A memoir of living with multiple personality disorder. New York: Viking/Penguin. Y Y Y ? ? Incest survivor who faced unpleasant situations, with a chemical predisposition to dissociate, created multiple selves as a coping device.
Sizemore, C. (1989). A mind of my own. New York: William Morrow. Y Y Y Y N The women who was known as Eve of "The 3 faces of Eve", tells the story of her triumph over multiple personality disorder.
Family Dysfunction
Scot, B. J. (1995). Prairie reunion. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux. Y Y Y Y N Explores connection between place and psyche on a personal level. Father abandoned family and later committed suicide. After Mother's death author returns home to learn truth about herself and past.
Shields, M. L. (1981). Sea run: Surviving my mother's madness. New York: Seaview. N Y Y Y ? Author alternates between episodes of her life, past, present, and verbatim exchanges with her analyst. She had a schizophrenic mother, and drunken father who made sexual advances.
Vilar, I. (1996). A message from God in the atomic age. (Gregory Rabassa, Trans.) New York: Pantheon. Y ? ? ? ? History of a suicide afflicted family. Translated from spanish.
Karr, M. (1995). The liar's club: A memoir. New York: Viking Penguin. Y Y Y ? ? Chronicle of family chaos, author went through the daily task of keeping family together despite mother's tendency for alcohol and suicidal car outings, and father's spendthrift obsessions.
Eating Disorders
O'Neill, C. B. (1982). Starving for attention. New York: Continuum Publishing. Y Y Y Y ?
Green, R. (1995). Diary of a fat housewife: A true story of humor, heartbreak and hope. New York: Warner. Y Y Y ? ? Diary of more than 10 years battle with obesity.
Heater, S. H. (1983). Am I still visible? A woman's triumph over Anorexia Nervosa. White Hall, VI: Betterway. Y Y Y ? ? Written by women who developed anorexia nervosa as an adult. She traces her childhood years, her struggle with treatment, and also history of disorder with theories and treatment are given.
Wagner, P. (1992). Murdered heiress: Living witness. Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers. Y Y Y Y Y Autobiography by a physician who claims to have been hospitalized by people after her money, given ECT at a dosage level deliberately intended to kill her, but she survived to write this book.
Solomon, C. (Edited by J. Tytell). (1989). Emergency messages: An autobiographical miscellany. New York: Paragon House. Y ? ? ? ?
Sherman, J. T. (1994). Dreams and memories. Madison, WI: Heart's Desire. Y Y Y Y Y Women as seen and told in painting and stories created as art therapy in treatment for depression, alcoholism and post traumatic stress from cruel treatment.
Miller, N. K. (1996). Bequest and betrayal: Memoirs of a parent's death. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press. Y ? ? ? ?
Nakhla, F. (with G. Jackson). (1993). Picking up the pieces: Two accounts of a psychoanalytic journey. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. Y Y Y Y Y Reconstruction of a young women's search for a self through self-mutilation as described by herself and analyst at the end of 16 years of treatment.
Neugeboren, J. (1997). Imaging Robert: Brothers, madness and survival: A memoir. New York: William Morrow. Y Y Y ? ?
Money, J. (with G. Weinwright, D. Hingsburger) (1991). The breathless orgasm: A lovemap biography of Asphyxiophilia. Buffalo, NY: Prometheus. Y ? Y Y ? Account of one man's triumph over the unusual compulsion of asphyxiophilia.
Hughes, J. S (Ed.). (1993). The letters of a victorian madwoman. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press. N Y Y Y Y Over 90 letters written by a woman who was incarcerated for 30 years in a Insane Hospital in 1890. She was held against her will and wrote to politicians and doctors as she felt she was wrongly committed.
Woods, D. M. (1984). Afraid of everything: A personal history of Agoraphobia. Saratoga, CA: R & E Publishers. x x x x x Personal account of women in her 20's who developed agoraphobia. Also included is basic data on what in known about causes and treatment of disorder.
(1991). How to get out or stay out of the insane asylum. New York: Gordon Press Publishers:. Y ? ? ? ?

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