Autobiographies written by former mental patients, available in Shields Library, UC Davis -- includes call numbers

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Anderson, Anna Pain, The Essence Of Mental Illness, RC464 A5, A3 1980
Barnes, Mary and Berke, Joseph Mary Barnes RC463 B37
Bateson,Gregory Perceval's Narrative RC463 P4
Beattie, Melodie Codependent No More, RC 564 B42, 1987
Beers, Clifford A Mind That Found Itself RC439 B4
Brandt, Anthony The Reality Police RC443 B7
Brown, Henry C. A Mind Mislaid RC463 B75
Brown, Carlton Brainstorm RC455 B74
Cantor, Carla Phantom Illness WM178 C36, 1996 [Health Sciences]
Coate, Morag Beyond All Reason RC464 C6 A3
Collins,William J. Out Of The Depths RC463 C64
Custance, John Wisdom Madness And Folly RC463 C8
Dahl, R. Breakdown RC463 D3
Donaldson, Kenneth Insanity Inside Out. Law RC439 D66 Stacks
Endler, Norman Holiday Of Darkness, RC 516 B42, 1990
Ferguson, Sarah A Guard Within RC463 F45
Foucault, Michel I Pierre Riviere, Having Slaughtered My Mother.... HU6428 R57 M6413
Frame, Janet An Angel At My Table, 1984. PR9639.3 F7 Z476
Gotkin, Janet & Gotkin,Paul Too Much Anger, Too Many Tears 1992/1975 RC464 G68 A33
Goulet,Robert Madhouse RC463 G68
Greally, Hannah Bird"S Nest Soup RC464 G74 , 1987
Grigorenko, P. G. The Grigorenko Papers. DK274 G73131
Hackett, Paul The Cardboard Giants RC464 H3 A3
Hales, Ella Like A Lamb RC463 H35
Harrison, Maude Spinner's Lake RC462 H3
Hillyer, Jane Reluctantly Told RC463 H5
Hughes John ed), The Letters Of A Victorian Madwoman, RC464 S5 A4, 1993
Inmate Ward B Woodson Behind The Door Of Delusion RC462 W92
Jamison, Kay An Unquiet Mind Wm207 J363 1995 [Health Sciences]
Jayson, Lawrence M. Mania RC463 J3
Jefferson, Lara These Are My Sisters RC463 J43
Kaysen, Susanna Girl, Interrupted, RC 464 K 36 A 31 1993
King, Marian Recovery Of Myself RC463 K5
Krauch, Elsa A Mind Restored RC462 K7
Kruger, Judith My Fight For Sanity RC463 K7
Levant, Oscar Memoirs Of An Amnesiac 1989, ML417 L64 A31
Millett, Kate The Loony-Bin Trip, 1990 RC464 M53 A3 1990
Moore, William L. The Mind In Chains RC464 M6 A3
Mowrer, O.H. Leaves From Many Seasons BF149 M68, 1983
O'Brien, Barbara Operators And Things RC463 O2
Plyuschch, Leonid The Case Of Leonid Plyuschch HU8959 R9 K4913
Quivers, Robin Quivers, 1995 PN1991.4 Q58 A3
Rebeta-Berditt, J. The Cracker Factory PS3568 E27 C7
Savage, Mary Addicted To Suicide PS3569 A797 A7
Simpson, Jane The Lost Days Of My Life RC463 S5
Stuart, W. S. The Divided Self RC463 S6
Styron, William Darkness Visible RC537 S88 1990
Sutherland, Stuart Breakdown [Updated Edition] RC480.5 S84 1987
Thach, Harrell God Gets In The Way Of A Sailor RC463 T49
Weisskopf-Joelson,Edith Father Have I Kept My Promise? RC 438.6 W45 A3 1988
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