Textbook for PSC 168, Abnormal Psychology, SSI 2013

R. J. Comer, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology (6th Ed) Paperback.
Like you I am sensitive to rising textbook prices. I deliberately chose a paperback textbook that has an inexpensive e-book available. You can see these options listed with prices on the publisherís website. The textbook is R.J. Comer, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology (6th Edition). Unfortunately Comer has also written a longer hardcover book with a similar but not identical title (that I wonít mention, to avoid confusion). If your book has FUNDAMENTALS OF ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY (6e) as its title, then it is the correct book. If it is a hardcover book with a different title and more expensive prices, then it is the wrong book. I donít have much to say about earlier editions of FUNDAMENTALS. The page numbers are not the same and there may be a few (not many) exam items from the 6th edition not covered in earlier editions. The reading list on the Syllabus is based on the 6th edition.

6th edition ebook cover See the publisher's page for price and format options
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